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ReceiptStash Classic View

The classic view also has access to receipts that are uploaded to ReceiptStash, this also makes claiming whilst still using the classic view much more efficient.

Receipts do not need to be uploaded each and every time a claim line is created, you now have access to all the receipts in the stash to choose from.

Receipts can be added whilst creating the claim or they could have been added earlier.

From the classic entry screen click the plus icon to start adding the receipt.

On the next screen click on the upload button to open the upload screen.

On the upload screen click on the browse button (the text on the button may vary depending on the browser).

Once you have found the file click the Add button. It is not necessary to change the date or input an amount. These fields are mainly used when Receipt Stash entry style is being used.

The receipt will now show in the receipt stash bar. To add this to the claim line click on the Plus icon on the right hand corner of the receipt image.

The receipt now loads onto the claim line and shows in the lower pane. Click on the save button to complete the process.

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